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What We Offer

Custom Web Development

We develop coherent web apps that are distinctly designed and brilliantly built. From precise color palettes to the site’s entire structure, we always deliver custom solutions designed to fit your needs.

E-commerce Development

Slick, fast, and flexible e-commerce solutions are what we offer to help you reach millions of customers. Captus has designed and engineered robust, scalable retail websites for clients of all sizes and sectors. 

UI/UX Design

 We craft a visually stunning, user-friendly, and polished customer experience fully customized according to your brand needs. Our expert design team of Captus are true-blue artists that develop striking, gorgeous layouts.

Mobile App Development

With a sound mobile strategy in hand & an understanding of the design standards of major mobile platforms, we build intuitive and seamless mobile apps. Having experts in both Android and iOS, our engineers craft immersive and engaging apps. 

Digital Marketing

At Captus, we have years of experience navigating the fast-evolving digital landscape & delivering quality digital marketing services across the country. Our digital marketing service equips businesses to thrive in a rapidly changing industry.

Cloud & Dev Ops

Our DevOps practice automates the development process and helps manage workloads faster and reliably. Captus has developed a data-driven process designed to resolve issues quickly and launch releases frequently.

work process

Our Working Process


Before making any move, we get to the bottom of your business and comprehend your needs.


We meticulously draw a plan of action that includes features, tasks, specific goals, and costs.


With the help of a diligent plan, we reliably execute the project within the specified timeframe to turn your goals into reality.

UAT Testing

Before delivering the final project, we run the final UAT so that you get nothing but the best.


After meticulous planning, execution, testing, we deliver the final project that works out the best for you.

We're all about creating your success

Captus is committed to helping businesses grow by delivering efficient and smart solutions. However, it's no longer enough to turn a great idea into a working application. You have to strive towards excellence by taking your ideas beyond the finished product. We, at Captus, unite software development services with digital marketing, enabling our client’s products to thrive in their respective industry.

Captus believes in building partnerships to keep a personalized approach to every customer beyond development. Since working together and for each other drives success. And at the end of the day, human nature is to help each other evolve and grow.

  • Our mission
  • Our Vision
  • Our Story

Our Mission 

Captus is on a mission to help businesses evolve by delivering coherent and appealing solutions to the digital challenges of mature and new enterprises. Since providing intelligent, quick, and systematic websites, apps, and solutions has become the need of the hour. The Internet is flooded with poor apps and websites far away from serving their purpose. But we, at Captus, want to develop engaging, elegant, immersive digital solutions that are easy to use and transparent to their core.

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve businesses around the globe with efficient and appealing solutions to skyrocket their growth. Any business is commenced with the goal of growth, hence keeping that in mind, we want our solutions to help enterprises achieve their truest goal. And for doing that, we have a team of experts from different areas to contribute their share of expertise to help your business reach tremendous heights.

Our Story 

Captus came into existence after realizing the need for businesses to have efficient digital solutions that can help them accelerate their growth in this cut-throat competitive world. We saw a lack of transparency and efficiency in IT and digital agencies. Too much design and poorly built digital solutions were hindering businesses’ potential growth. Therefore, we thought of taking matters into our hands and started building apps, websites that are distinctly built according to the business’s objective. Hence, serving what was really needed. And this is how we embarked upon this beautiful journey.

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  • Mobile
  • Front End
  • CMS
  • Backend
  • Database
  • infra and devops








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