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Our Process

Captus is not only a globally recognized IT company but also a family filled with talented experts that help global brands, enterprises, mid-size businesses or even startups with innovative solutions.

How we differentiate with others?

We are passionate about transforming great ideas into a user-friendly, transparent app development process that includes all aspects of app development without hindering any feelings.

Being in the domain for more than 10 years now, we have just the experience required to rightly assess and transform your brand with our tried-and-tested digital solutions. Our dedicated professionals at Captus work closely with your teams, serving the unique needs of your business. Whether it is the development of a responsive website, designing consistent user interfaces, or setting up effective social media marketing strategies— we have got you covered.

How technology started

Technology's origins can be traced back to our ancestors who created primitive tools and ignited innovation, leading to the modern digital world.

Endless Possibilities

We firmly believe in the transformative power of technology in enabling innovation, growth, and success for both businesses and individuals.

We Start Here

Prior to turning your brilliant idea into a fantastic product, we make sure to adhere to and specify the standard procedure and plan.

01 Sign NDA

At Captus, we constantly respect our clients' privacy. In order to protect your information, our team has agreed to sign a non-disclosure agreement, or NDA. In accordance with the contract we make with our clients, we do not disclose any information.

02 Brain Storming & Discussion

We are constantly prepared to talk with our clients. Together, we come up with a lot of original and bold ideas in this way. In addition, our group consistently uses brainstorming techniques focused on issue resolution, team development, and the creative process.

03 Scope Defined & Agreement

The scope of our agreement and services includes determining and documenting a list with particular project objectives, tasks, deliverables, budgets, and timetables.

04 Project Kick-off & Team Introduction

Every time we start a project for one of our clients, we make sure to build up a realistic work program. This allows you to monitor every work we complete for your project and stay up to date with our team members on a regular basis.

05 Design

We at Captus carry out an exhaustive investigation and create the required paperwork in accordance with our preliminary research work. In this manner, we create an engaging design while ensuring that our clients maintain a connection of interaction with their clients or customers.

06 Development

We start the coding process during the development phase to bring your idea to life. Here, our team applies their greatest expertise to develop creative solutions aimed at your particular business objectives.

07 Quality Assurance

At various phases of the design/development process, we conduct Quality Assurance (QA) tests to ensure that we are heading in the right direction. We provide you a range of options to evaluate in different settings, all based on our solid technological abilities.

08 Launch

Finally, we launch our clients' products with the goal of meeting all of your unique requirements while ensuring that the necessary functionality and quality assurance are delivered.

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